Hi! My name is António Ferrete

I'm full stack developer

How can I help you?

About me

I'm based in Braga, Portugal and I love to pick up on great ideas and make them real!

I have a degree in computer engineering since 2014 and I'm continuously developing my skills
as a programmer, UX/UI designer and as a project manager using agile methodologies.

I look forward to keep improving my skills and knowledge, help others and feel
that I left some of my positivism, dedication, and joy on the places I've been!

I aim to work on innovative and challenging projects as well on projects of personal and social character.

I can help achieving your goals with a constant follow-up, a great sense of responsibility, joy and professionalism.

My two favourite hobbies are traveling and photography, so if you can't reach me by the way...
Don't worry! I will back shortly!

My values

My Values


In all aspeacts of my life, personal and professional


Since the idea to the end project! I'm with you!


Ensured by constant learning and rigor in all my work

Made with Love

It's our project and with love everything works better

My Services


  • Working on web since 2014

  • Adapted to all devices. Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone

  • Tailored to customer needs with a constant follow up

  • UX foundations allowing an easy and enjoyable navigation to the end user

  • Experienced in personal, corporate, as well more complex websites

Let's create WEB together!

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Android App

  • Clean and modern design

  • Tailored to costumer needs

  • Constant follow up in all corners of the project

  • Integration with website and API

  • Publishing App on Google Play

Let's build your own APP together

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Understand your needs and set up projects for success

Prepare project plans, identify and manage threats/opportunities

Leading projects from start till the end and keeping it on track

Create, motivate and leading teams

Apply agile methodologies on workflows

Transform objectives into action steps

I can help you reaching goals!!

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Here are the topics where I can coach you:

  • Basics of web development

  • Drupal

  • Laravel


Personal and Corporation Training
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Drupal 7 / 8





JS / jQuery







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Ready to start your next project with me? Give me a call or send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

+351 915 904 069